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Joseph's Studio

While most of Joseph’s works are painted plein air, his studio provides an important creative environment filled with reference and materials for his larger scale paintings. Joseph's studio is a converted warehouse with abundance of natural light and an amazing collection of memorabilia discovered through his numerous travels.

"All of my treasures have a story to tell and looking at them can often lead me on a journey resulting in the choice of my next painting subject."

Joseph getting ready to paint
where the grey matter kicks in
painting awaiting return of Z master
think my water bucket is big enough?
pastels and Z-easel
braced for a painting
when did I last clean my palette?
cannot go anywhere without shades and gloves
Here's a clip of my studio as it appears on my latest DVD "Watercolor Impressions" produced by APV films. Click on the video to the right to see my studio environment.

Joseph uses Escoda watercolor brushes

Joseph's Escoda brush

Escoda PERLA 1430 series

"The final result of artist's observation of any subject is a single brushstroke. It must do what the artist envisions. I have trusted Escoda brushes to do this for many years. Their ability to hold shape and their amazingly fine point, makes them a perfect brush for the task. I would be lost without them."